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Musica nihil aliud est, quam omnium ordinem scire.

(Athanasuis Kircher: Musurgia Universalis, 1650.)

Welcome to the AudioVisions website!

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The story of the group...

... that does not have an end, just a most actual state. ;) --> JUMP TO THE NEWEST PART

The group AudioVisions was started by 3D Gime on 1st January 1989., as a one-man band. In the beginning the thing wasn't much more, no rehearsals, just continual transformations: Gime (keyboards, computers) recruited members around himself in persons of Csaba Palotai (guitar), Gábor Farkas (bassguitar) and Vazul Sebestyén (vocals, keyboards). In February even two girls were mentioned as drummers, but finally they never appeared.

In those times the style also was defined: avantgarde, folk-punk-disco, experimental minimal music, quilted with electronic elements. Gime shortly called this as neo-punk. :-)

To this time Gábor Farkas seceded, so they stayed three: Gime, Csaba and Vazul. The first rehearsal was on 20th May, that was composed of listening together to the newest studio recordings of Jurix (Gime's and Csaba's other band, on 1st January 1990 it's name was changed to Camera Obscura) and ParisTexas (Vazul's other band, on 6th August 1989 it's name was changed to Hold, what is Moon in English).

In the Autumn Vazul leaved because of the starting up of Hold (Moon), so they stayed two:
* András Gimesi (3D Gime) - keyboards, computers
* Csaba Palotai (PaX) - guitar

During that time ofcourse meny ideas and songs were written, but henceforward no rehearsals...

So came 1990. 3D Gime in the last semester of the College was checked in to a film "special course", and as so the idea came that a videoclip should be made. They quickly arranged the studio time, and on 26th March they recorded the song NIHIL, and 2nd-4th April they made the videoclip.

AudioVisions Gime Nihil AudioVisions Csaba Nihil
AudioVisions Csaba Nihil AudioVisions Gime Nihil
AudioVisions Gime Csaba Nihil

Ofcourse other songs also were cooked, but they need a singer (girl), who speek English and has good pronunciation...

The style definition to this time has changed, exactly it's impossible to say, what is it really. There's techo, new-wave, pszichedelia, punk, and a bit gothic rock in the "mixture"...

An interview was made with the group on 23rd May, in the local cable TV of Újpalota (a part of Budapest HU EU).

AudioVisions Gime Csaba AudioVisions Gime Csaba

In the Summer there were relaxes rehearsals and works...

In the Mirage studio (Gayan Uttejak Mandal) on 9th August 1990 they recorded songs "Intro" and "Let's go". The "Intro" was written on that morning in about half an hour by Gime, and showed it to Csaba, who immediately found out his part.

On 20th August 1990. between 11.50 and 12.00 they appeared in Petőfi Csarnok's jubilee Depeche Mode Club, and because of the possibilities it was a play-back gig.
The show was:
1. Intro
2. Nihil
3. Let's go!

After a small summer pause in September new rehearsals came.

The group's second appereance was also a play-back show on 28th of September between 19.10 and 19.20, in a disco called Diáktanya (Pupil-wick).
The show was the same:
1. Intro
2. Nihil
3. Let's go!

They brought a big decision: on the next gig they should have a singer (girl), untill this they won't play anywhere! :-)

Plus Gime realized, that they can play half-play-back, as in Mirage-Hangar (the rehearsal room) they can record the bases, on what they can play on the concerts. So they can play more songs as well, and they don't have to go to studio all the time with all the songs...

On 30th of November they received Erzsi Lakatos (Pici, Tiny in English) as an exterior member, who a bit can write lirycs and a bit to sing...

On 6th of December they agreed a concert within a filmclub's pre New Year spree at a community centre in Újpest (also a part of Budapest).

So, it was getting more and more clearer that on that gig no singer will be...

On 28th of December they apperared as a halp-play-back concert on the pre New Year spree.

AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Gime AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Gyuri AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Csaba
AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Csaba Gime AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Csaba Gime AudioVisions koncert 1990 12 28 Gime

The show was:
1. Intro
2. Nihil
3. The 7th sky
4. Let's go!
5. Some kind of new darkness
6. Endless anxiety
7. The soundtrack
As an encore they played the live-megamaxi-jamsession ;-) version of Endless anxiety. The audience of 20-30 people had a good time... ;-)))

While the soundcheck everything sounded good, during the concert bad... :-( But the audio recording of the concert is quite a good quality, but can be heard just from the second half of the second song...

The concert was set half-playback based on Gime's idea, as they were two. In the song Nihil they aquired György Reé (clarinetist of their other group, Camera Obscura) to play the song's flute part, but there's no need to hold on to the original meody. ;-)

The concert was also video recorded.

At the same place and time Gime got to know Judit Varga, whom he asked to be their singer. She answered "maybe...", but on 31st she said that she might be better as a manager. "We'll discuss next year!" they farewelled from each other and the year of 1990.

And 1991. began... :-)

There's still no singing voice in the group.

In April Gime's Visionary Emitter released the groups first album (then only on cassette):

Instru-Mental Fuck Off Sessions 1990-91. (1991.)

Selection of studio-, concert- and rehearsal recordings.

(Track 11. was recorded in 1993, and was appended only on the CD-version. This is the sudio recording of "The Soundtrack" with Hungarian lirycs.)

Meanwhile the new style called rave had a quite big impression on them (KLF, Jesus Jones, EMF etc.)...

And the year of 1992 came. :-)

On 22nd Fabruary seemed that Eszter Cingráber became a member as a singer, who as well can play piano, violin and a bit saxophone. Later it cleared that she didn't become a member... :-)

For the summer Csaba and Gime organized an occasional street jazz band and played on Vigadó square (Budapest), playing a guitar (Csaba) and a snare drum (Gime).

On 12nd October Andrea Dolp really ;-) became a member of the group as a singer, and the rehearsals flared with newer buoy. There were many new attempts...

On 29 April 1993 they recorded in the studio the song "A Filmzene", which is "The Soundtrack" with Hungarian lyrics.

Andi got married to a Canadian man in Summer, so left the band. Csaba more and more run on his jazz studies, he was also on a leave.

So by the end of 1993 from human point of view ;-) the group became a one-man band. After the group shaped back to the one-man band as it was in the beginning, Gime continued the works with the help of computers, which state he was counted on and was preparing since the beginning of the summer.

So, the today's line up is the following:
3D Gime (R) 3D Gime (R)
keyboards, computers, texts, voices
dr. Ums dr. Ums
machine drums
Seek van Cer Seek van Cer
keyboards and modules
Syn the Sizer Syn the Sizer
generated sounds and effects
Soniq de Vice Soniq de Vice
sounds, effects and noises

By the end of 1993 the material of a new album was shaping, what Gime worked out alone on a computer, with the application called Sream Tracker. This album is

MusiCode (Computer liturgies in PoCo) (1994.)

The first material produced completely on computer...

After this a few songs born with Scream Tracker, and in February 1995 by a complete computer-reconfiguration Gime went on Windows 95 (in it's betatest age), and as well soon on Windows based MIDI-editors. He bought a MIDI keyboard then... ;-)

The next album came out in two parts. The first part was created with Scream Tracker, and the second part with Windows based MIDI-editor.

On the road (another few months of my life) Part #1. (1995.)

01. The time is going further...
02. To and with love
03. What does life mean?
04. You are not the only one!
05. XYZ

On the road (another few months of my life) Part #2. (1996.)

06. Attack
07. The candle is burning...
08. Forest
09. The death-dance
10. Death is crying
11. XYZ (ambient dub mix edition)

After this Gime was more and more inspired by travelings, but as these were quite rare, the new songs came to birth slowly... Finally a short material got together, what is the

Journeys (EP) (1999.)

It's a short album, that exists only in theory. :-) This is a kind of meant if the songs are all exist, but they never got onto any type of record. :-)
- Radio FM
- TURK (it's a 11'14" long song)
- What does life mean? #2
- ...

After that Gime's instinct on creating music became to fade. An EP sized material was collected, so was made

MD (2001.)

Then for a long time it seemd that this was the "end of the song" (literally ;-)). But in August 2007 Gime again started to play and compose music. Ofcourse You can take it as a menace... :-)

During September-October again latched on Csaba (guitar, from Paris) and Gyuri (clarinet, from Budapest) also, and exploiting the Internet's capabilities, they now play together virtually. Ofcourse a meeting with Gyuri in real is much more easy... ;-)

Well, the pieces of the new album are shapeing. On a preliminary page there's possible to listen to the actual status: av2008

In 2009 the new album titled "" was "released".

Hmm, well... Since then three years passed... A few thing turned around in Gime's life., and he fall into photography with much enthusiasm (-> Gimephoto).

Later, in the beginning of 2011. again there was a new start, but nothing came out of it, just one song:

Now, in the fall of 2012. there's again a flame in Gime, so there is a hope... ;), a new song composed and made musically ready for recording, the title is: MINDGHOSTS... :)

Untill March 2015 more new ideas are coming, then suddenly Gime found in his archives a song from 2001, which then was made almost ready, but nothing done with it. So, he took it, renewed and made it comletely. :)

On 29th of March 2015 Gime made a work-video about Mia Miotti's parachute photoshoot, and used the song titled "A Flight over Sahara" (album: MD, 2001.) as the music of the video.

Since February a new videoclip was made with Syporca Whandal, to which clip Gime took an old song (Revolution at the radio) from 1994 from the album MusiCode, and remade it completely, and so he made the world's first urbXtep style song. :D The song and the clip was presented on May 25th 2015 at the Renegate Project's (art community) performance and presentation of their fanzine Periferia.

On 2nd of June in a love-driven composition born the piece called ANNELI, which was performed on 7th of June at the Renegate Project's closing event. Gime did this video of this (so he is not appearing in it).

At a photoshoot in January were made photoseries that gave the idea to make the stop-motion video above. In August Gime made a stop-motion video from these photos, and composed a music directly for this, using the urbXtep style, titled ICE QUEENS IN-LOVE E-MOTION. :)

A new work with Syporca Whandal, a photo series, titled REPULSION, in January 2016. A work-video was made while the photoshoot, for which Gime composed again a new, urbXtep styled song, which has lyrics written by Syporca for the photo series.

Syporca Whandal: MAD DOGS
(translated by GinGer)

On November 18 2016 AudioVisions appeares on stage at the opening evening of Harmadik Ember Fesztivál (Third Man Festival).
It's not a usual concert of the existing songs, but it's a neoist-surreal audio-performance.

The gig appeared, but...
1. Although Gime did everything, and gave to the tchnician of the place a stereo signal to be amplified, well, the technician did not manage to do this task and the audience heard barely anything. No comment... :/
2. Although it was about to be made an audio and a video recordings, but no audio recording was made and just a few video-fragments were recording only, when Syporca Whandal did. Someone saw that someone recorded the whole gig with a camera but no more infomration available...

Well, Gime was enjoying the gig, as he heard well everything, what the audience shjould be hearing... After the gig, when he realized, that maybe he was the only one who heard what he wnted to... well, he was a "bit" angry at the technician... ;)

Well, again quite a bit of time elapsed without anything published. That's not a silence in itself, because there were ideas, some songs were made, but nothing was published... :D
But then on 19th of June 2018 was the opening of Gime's and Ginger's photo exhibition, thus Gime wrote an opening speech and a music. :) Here you are:

It's 2022. Obviously some more urbXtep and other styled pieces were born, but Gime didn't organised them into album(s) yet...

In July Gime gave an egy ad-hoc AudioVisions performance in Mány as a member of the musical workshop, presenting the history of the placein music.

2023. February 8., on the opening of himself's photo exhibition "oculus-AG -- 7e7208" Gime again performs a neoist-surreal audio-performance, wettening the ears of the audience, oviously appearing on the stage as AudioVisions.


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